Dublin Life Saving

Dublin Life Saving is a multifaceted endeavour dedicated to fostering water safety awareness and practices throughout the city. Rooted in the fundamental principles of education, awareness, and proactive measures, this initiative is designed to mitigate the risks associated with water activities across diverse environments, including rivers, lakes, the sea, and swimming pools.

Central to its mission is the provision of comprehensive training, encompassing swimming skills and lifesaving techniques, empowering individuals to navigate aquatic environments confidently and respond effectively in emergencies.

Through targeted educational campaigns, Dublin Life Saving endeavours to raise awareness about the inherent dangers of water and promote the adoption of safe behaviours, such as the consistent use of life jackets.

Moreover, this initiative extends its reach by collaborating with schools, communities, and government agencies, forging partnerships to disseminate vital water safety information and ensure accessibility to training resources for individuals of all ages.

By uniting efforts and resources, Dublin Life Saving strives to create a culture of safety where enjoyment of water activities is balanced with a steadfast commitment to safeguarding lives.

Contact Information

087 700 5187