Lenister Schools Swimming Association

The programme is aligned with the revised National Squad criteria and you will note that the criteria is very similar to this season’s, with the added expectations that athletes will attend your Regional Championship events. We hope that you see this as an additional positive!

The qualification times are adjusted in relation to the ‘On Tack’ system and the age groups are now further aligned on a gender and event specific basis which we feel makes this an even more robust system than the one currently in place. We have also split the programme into a Core (on-shore) and Supplementary (off-shore) programme. The Core programme is the mandatory element for athletes accepting their place and we believe that the athlete subscriptions that each Region receives will pay for this Core element in full.

The Supplementary element provides regions with a licence to consider their own finances in relation to the level of support that they wish to offer athletes on this part of the programme, which is optional to athletes. In this sense, Regions may choose to fully fund, part subsidise or provide no financial input for athletes into this part of the programme. This decision can be made autonomously on a Region by Region basis. 

Contact Information

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